Business Security and Safety

cyber crime4 Ways Cyber Crime Can Hurt Your Small Business

Cyber crime isn't reserved just for big businesses.In fact,being a small business might make you more likely to be targeted.Here are four ways cyber crime can damage your business.

website virusDoes Your Website Have a Computer Virus?

How do you clean a virus off of your own website?Here are the steps to take to remove malware from your web server and to prevent it from getting reinfected.

cyber security importanceWhy Cyber Security Should Matter to Your Business

Cyber criminals wouldn't bother with trying to hack your little business,right?Wrong - and if you do become the victim of a cyber attack,so will your customers.Here's why you should be concerned about cyber security no matter how small your business is.

Protect Your Business from a Data Security BreachProtect Your Business from a Data Security Breach

Is your business in danger of a data security breach?Small businesses don't have the resources of big companies but are just as exposed to a potential data breach.Learn how to protect your business with these tips.

How to Keep Your Cell Phone and Tablet Safe

Cell phones and tablets are particularly vulnerable to security threats and theft because of their portability.Here are eight steps you can take to protect your mobile devices from hackers and thieves.

Cash Control Prevents Robberies and Home Invasions

If you keep large amounts of cash in your place of business or home,you've just made yourself into an easy target for would-be thieves and armed robbers.Here are several proven cash control tips that can make your business less appealing to crooks looking for someone to rob.

Balancing Security with Customer Convenience

The public and media uproar over the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) invasive security procedures at the airports has cooled a bit,but the issue of pat-downs and full-body scans offer an illustration of the need to balance privacy and security,as well asbalancing security with customer convenience.

How a Crime Watch Can Benefit Your Business

Many people realize that their neighborhood crime watch helps keep crime down where they live.But what about a crime watch program for you and your fellow business owners?Here's how one Indiana police officer says businesses and police departments can work together to deter crime.

Protect Yourself and Your Business From Identity Theft

Identity theft is a growing problem for small businesses and individuals alike.Here are some tips from the Better Business Bureau and the FBI onpreventing identity theft.

Business Mail Security

Many states and cities observe October as Crime Prevention Month.It's a great time to review your mail handling procedures to be sure your business can deal withthreatening letters and packages.

September is National Preparedness Month

FEMA has designated September as National Preparedness Month.Here are some tips from the SBA on what you need to do toprepare your business for emergencies and disasters.

Protect Your Business from Internal Theft

As carefully as you screen potential employees,you could still end up with someone on your staff who steals from your business.Here are some things you can do to protect yourself from internal theft.

Security Camera Systems Prevent Crime and Save Lives

Security cameras,especially when used in conjunction with an integrated security system,not only help police identify criminals after a crime,they also help deter crimes from taking place to begin with.Read more >>

Tips on Preventing Armed Robbery

Movies often glorify armed robbery and the criminals behind it.However,being robbed at gun- or knifepoint is a terrifying crime for its victims.Find out what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

Take Steps to Avoid the Violent Crime of Carjacking

Carjacking is a crime that can end not only in the destruction of property but also injury or loss of life.Here are things you can do toprotect yourself from would-be carjackers.

7 Steps for Preventing Auto Theft

Professional car thieves with power tools can strip a car down to its skeleton in just a few minutes.Watch a demonstration and find out what you can do to make your car less appealing to crooks.

Protect Your Business from Professional Burglars

Scott Hornick,the "one-minute burglar" may be behind bars,but criminals like him are still on the loose.Find out how to protect your business from professional burglars with this advice.

How to Spot and Avoid Travel Scams

With Memorial Day and the summer months coming up,many business people are planning vacations and business-related trips to conventions,seminars and trade shows.So before you pay for your vacation or business trip,you shouldbe aware of vacation and travel-related scams and know how to avoid them.

Lessons from the Times Square Car Bomb

New York City residents are familiar with the slogan "if you see something,say something," and the recent car bomb attempt in Times Square has proven this to be life-saving advice.Here are a few more tips on how individual citizens can help keep NYC (or any city) safe.

Take Steps to Prevent Arson

Arson is a crime that can do devastating damage to your property and employees.Find out what you can do toprevent arson from striking your businesswith these tips from vwin滚球Business Know-How's security expert,Paul Davis.

Beware of SBA Loan Scams

The SBA has issued a warning to small business owners that they should use caution if they are contacted by private firms claiming they can help them get money through SBA programs.Find out what you need to know here.

How to Recognize Counterfeit Money

When retailers accept fake bills,they bear the entire burden of the loss.And thought it's true that counterfeiters' techniques are getting more and more complex,there are numerous things retail employees can do todetect counterfeit money.

How to Spot Fraudulent Census Takers

The Census Bureau is about to begin its once-a-decade count of the population,and crooks and scam artists are already attempting to take advantage of trusting individuals and businesses.The best way to protect yourself is toknow how to recognize both real and fake census workers.

Data Security for Small Businesses

While large companies have staff dedicated to protecting the security of their data,small businesses don't always have the resources or knowledge to ensure the safety of the information stored on their computers.Recognizing this need,the Better Business Bureau has teamed up with several corporate sponsors tohelp small business owners protect themselves from data breaches.

Tips on Preventing Car Break-Ins

Many small business people carry important equipment,like their laptops and cell phones,in their cars.Having such items stolen from your car can result in much lost productivity and expense.Here are several useful tips on how you can keep yourself safe from this crime.

Anti-Terrorism Advice for Business Travelers

The events of this past Christmas day,when a Nigerian terrorist attempted to set off a bomb while onboard a Northwest Airlines flight,are a reminder that terrorists are still hard at work against the US.Read more >>

How to Recognize a Fake Virus Warning

Pop up messages claiming that you have a virus and you are in need of anti-virus software may,ironically,actually contain a virus that could harm your computer,cause costly repairs or,even worse,lead to identity theft.Here's what you need to know to protect yourself from scareware.

Tis the Season to be Charitable,But Don't Fall for Charity Scams

This is the time of year when people,包括企业主,are most likely to contribute to charities.Unfortunately,scam artists are ready and waiting to take advantage of your generosity.Here's what you need to know to avoid having your contribution go to a not-so-worthy cause.

Shooting Incidents Remind Us of Workplace Violence Threats

The shooting at Fort Hood,Texas and a subsequent shooting in an office building in Orlando,Florida are a grim reminder that workplace violence is a very real threat.Here's what you can do to make sure your workplace is protected.

Security Camera Systems Prevent Crime and Save Lives

Security cameras,especially when used in conjunction with an integrated security system,not only help police identify criminals after a crime,they also help deter crimes from taking place to begin with.Read more >>

Tips on Preventing Armed Robbery

Movies often glorify armed robbery and the criminals behind it.However,being robbed at gun- or knifepoint is a terrifying crime for its victims.Find out what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

Common Sense Tips for Cyber Security

Last month was National Cyber Security month,but we need to be on guard against cyber attacks year round.Here are some tips you can use to keep your home and business secure from cyber attacks.

Business Watch Programs Prevent and Reduce Crime

In a continuation of last week's column,security expert Paul Davis discusses thebenefits of joining (or starting) a business crime watch program.

How a Business Watch Can Help Your Business

Joining a local business watch program has numerous benefits,not the least of which is having other business owners watch out for you.Read more >>

Don't Fall for Business Directory Scams

One of the most common scams aimed at businesses,the business directory scam,is on the rise yet again.Our crime and security expert has info on how to spot this scam,how to avoid it,and what to do if you're among the thousands of businesses that have fallen for it.

Be Ready and Prepared for Disasters

If a disaster like a fire,flood,hurricane,tornado or a terrorist attack occurred,would you,your family and your business be prepared?September is the sixth annual National Preparedness Month.Here are some resources you can use and steps you can take to make sure your business has adequate emergency plans.

Watch Your Books to Prevent Embezzlement

Embezzlement can result in tens of thousands of dollars in lost profits when you don'twatch your booksclosely enough.

Fraud and Economic Crimes

Is your business at risk of embezzlement,fraud,or computer data theft?In this interview with Delaware County,Pennsylvania's District Attorney,find out about the kinds of crimes that are a concern for small businesses.

Protect Your Trade Secrets

Is your business at risk of having its customer list,internal procedures or even specialized product information stolen?Read about how one criminal stole his former employer's trade secrets and get tips on preventing it from happening in your business.

Extortion Should Not Be a Cost of Doing Business

When you think of extortion,it's normally gangsters and dark alleys that come to mind.But extortion is still a real problem for some small business owners.Find out how this crime works and get tips on protecting yourself.

How to Protect Yourself from Pickpockets

Whether you're relaxing on vacation or attending a conference,pickpockets are not far behind.Here's what you need to know to keep yourself from falling victim to their tactics.

Hotel Security Tips for Small Business Travelers

Planning to travel soon?Criminals target unsuspecting hotel guests.The best way to not become a target yourself is to take precautions and be watchful.The following tips can help.

Learn to Spot Fake Cashier's Checks

Counterfeit cashier check scams are on the rise.And fake cashier's checks are difficult for even banks to identify.There are,however,a few tell-tale signs you can look for to keep from falling victim to this scam.Read more >>

Protect Your Small Business from Crime and Terrorism

Operations Security,or OPSEC,is a process originally developed by the military that can help keep vital information from falling into the hands of competitors or criminals.Find out how OPSEC is different from traditional security and learn how it can help your business.

Protect Yourself and Your Computer

Safe surfing is about more than making sure your virus software is up to date.You have to be watchful of your personal information,your money,and more.Here are some resources for educating yourself about cyber threats.

The Insider Threat: Employee Theft

Most security systems are designed to prevent outsiders from breaking in to steal or vandalize property.Unfortunately,these security systems do little to prevent a trusted employee from robbing you.Find out how you can protect yourself from employee theft.

Has Your Computer Turned into a Zombie?

Spybots,botnets and malware - it all sounds like something out of a bad Sci-Fi movie.But those are the tools that cyber criminals use to take over the computers of unsuspecting businesses and individuals.Here's what you need to know to protect yourself.

Arson Prevention and Fire Safety

Arson is the leading cause of fires in the US,and it's a terrible crime that destroys lives and businesses.Here are a few simple things you can do to protect yourself from not only arson,but accidental fires as well.

Be Aware of Robbers Who Follow You Home

Businesspeople are usually aware of the possibility that their business could be robbed,but what doesn't always occur to them is the chance that a criminal could follow them as they leave the office and rob them at home.Learn  what you need to know to protect yourself from follow-home robbers.

How Small Businesses Help Thwart Terrorism

Awareness,alertness,and vigilance by businessmen and women who meet and deal with people all day can make all the difference between a successful terrorist attack and a thwarted one.Read about how one small business employee's watchful eye helped spoil a would-be terrorist attack.

Learn to Recognize Ponzi Schemes

Ponzi schemes have been around for over a century,but small businesses still sometimes fall victim to them.Here's what you need to know in order to recognize them.

Avoid Becoming a Holiday Season Burglary Victim

Santa may not be the only one slipping into your home and business this holiday season,for this is also the high season for burglary against individuals and businesses.Find out how you can protect yourself from thieves this holiday season.

Watch Out for Shoplifters During the Holiday Season

The holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day is one of joy and happiness -- even with a suffering economy.Unfortunately,this time of year also brings out the thieves,robbers and crooks.Read more >>

Guard Against Organized Cyber Crooks

Computer hacking isn't just for nerdy kids anymore.Crooks and spies are using the Internet to commit crimes against American businesses and to attack government networks -- and they are becoming more sophisticated.Here's how you can protect your business.

How Safe Are Your Mail Handling Procedures?

Reminiscent of the Anthrax letters mailed in 2001,the FBI is investigating 50 letters containing suspicious white powder that were mailed to Chase bank branches across the country.So far,the white powder has tested negative for dangerous toxins.Learn how to spot suspicious mail and how to protect yourself and your employees from snail mail threats.

Work With the Police to Prevent Business Disturbances

From shoplifting and vandalism to irate and/or intoxicated customers these disturbances can be truly bad for business.Here are ideas for how you can assist law enforcement officers in protecting you better.

Violent and Property Crimes Decline

After rising for two straight years,the estimated number of violent crimes in the country declined slightly from last year's total,and the downward trend continued for property crimes for the fifth year in a row,according to theFBI's 2007 edition of Crime in the United States.

Prepare Your Business Before Disaster Strikes

How prepared is your business for a disaster?Though we all hope a disaster will never happen on our own turf,we can never be 100% sure that it won't.The businesses that stand the best chance of survival and recovery are those that prepare in advance.Here's what you need to consider.

Beware of White Collar Crime

White collar crime usually doesn't make headlines in your daily newspaper,but it's threat throughout the country for businesses and consumers alike.Here's what you need to know.

Watch Out for Fake Money

That $20 bill your customer handed you - was it real?Did you bother to check it?Small businesses are prime targets for criminals to unload their counterfeit money.Read more >>

The New Bonnie and Clyde Rob Identities,Not Banks

Today's criminal couples are more likely to spend their time stealing identities than robbing banks.And even when working alone,identity thieves can do a lot of damage to your bank account in a short amount of time.Find out how they operate so you can protect yourself.

How to Avoid Disaster Scam Artists

Residents and business people already victimized by natural disasters are being victimized a second time by unscrupulous scam artists.These skilled criminals prey on disaster victims,even posing as government officials.Find out what to look for so you don't get taken.

Guard Your Laptop While Traveling

Thousands of laptops are stolen from traveling business people each year.Thieves love laptops even more than I-pods,and although some criminals will commit armed robbery to take them off you,most thieves prefer to lift the laptops from unsuspecting travelers.Here's advice you can use to be sure you don't become a victim.

Disaster Planning for Your Business

The hurricane season is upon us once again,and with it come warnings to prepare our homes and businesses.But hurricanes aren't the only disasters that can strike.Here are things you should keep in mind when making preparations.

Beware of Con Games Aimed at Small Businesses

Small businesses are frequently the target of a con game referred to as the "sugar sale." Through a skillful use of words and manipulation,these con artists gain the trust of unsuspecting small businesses.Find out how these scams work so you can protect yourself.

Preventing and Surviving Armed Robbery

Armed robbers don't discriminate against who they harm,be it a cashier,business owner,or police officer responding to the call for help.The best protection you can offer yourself and your employees is prevention.

Safeguard Your Business Information

What would you do if an ex-employee took your customer list to a competitor?Or a dishonest employee ransacked personnel files for private information?Here's advice on how toprotect your company's intellectual property and proprietary information.

Convention-Goers are Targeted by Crooks

Springtime is peak convention season.If you're planning to attend a convention soon,learn why you might be a target for pickpockets,hotel thieves or other criminals and get tips to protect yourself.

Protect Your Business from Rooftop Cat Burglars

Although films and TV often glamorize cat burglars as cool and courageous rogues,they are in fact merely low-life thieves with a bit more skill and physical ability than your common sneak thief.Get advice from security expert Paul Davis on how you can protect your business from rooftop intruders.

Rail Travel Gets More Secure

Train security after 9/11 did not increase like it did on airlines.But recently,Amtrak has implemented new measures aimed at protecting its passengers from terrorism.Read more >>

Don't Buy Into Office Supply Scams

Office supply scams have made the FTC's list of Top 20 Consumer Fraud Complaints in 2007.Find out from Business Know How's security expert,Paul Davis,how toavoid falling victim to this common scam.

Be on Guard against Botnets and Other Computer Crimes

Businesses today not only have to protect their computer systems from outside attacks,but they also have to take measures to make sure they aren't used in crimes against other networks.Read more >>

FBI Warns of E-Mail Threats and Scams

Ever opened your email to find an "official" notice from your ISP or maybe your bank claiming your account was suspended?Before you click that link and fill out that form with your personal information,find out what the FBI has to say about bogus emails threats and scams >>

Holiday Season is Open Season for Crime

Theft and property crimes greatly increase between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.Don't let your home our business fall victim.

Protect Your Business from Arson

Having worked hard to build your business,you probably aren't interested in seeing some disgruntled employee or other unstable individual burn it down.Learn about arson and how to prevent it here >>

Cameras Deter and Solve Crime

Having security cameras installed in your business not only can help solve crime,they go a long way towards preventing it too.Find out more about why you should consider adding surveillance cameras to your security system.

Prevent Crime and Terrorism with Security Awareness

You can prevent most crimes by taking simple security precautions and by becoming knowledgeable about the threats to your business and area.Terrorism,too,can be prevented by businesses' awareness and precautions.Find out how >>

How to Respond to a Telephone Bomb Threat

Your receptionist answers the phone and hears the caller claim that he has planted a bomb in your place of business.The caller says that unless you place a stated amount of money in a trash can in a nearby park,he will detonate the bomb.What would you do?Do you or your employees know how to handle telephone bomb threats?Get advice here >>

Partner with Police to Curb Crime

Even in the best neighborhoods,crime is present.The surest way to reduce crime is for residents and businesses to work with the police by alerting them to suspicious individuals and cooperating anytime a crime has taken place.Read more >>

Prepare Your Business to Survive Disasters

Even though we have not been attacked on US soil since 9/11,terrorists are still planning for our destruction.That's why the Department of Homeland Security developed a preparedness program for businesses called Ready Business.Find out more about it here >>

Organized Shoplifters Cost Stores Billions

Shoplifting by lone thieves is costly for retail establishments,but organized shoplifting is costing store owners billions of dollars each year.Find out what you can do to protect your business >>

Fighting Graffiti on the Business Front

Gangs are becoming a problem even in small rural towns,and the tell tale sign of gang activity is graffiti.Learn what to do if you encounter graffiti on your business property and find out how to deter it.

Preventing Workplace Violence

According to OSHA,more than two million workers are victims of workplace violence each year.And with the recent events at Virginia Tech and NASA,it's all too clear that it can happen almost anywhere with little warning.So what can you do to protect your workplace from such incidents?Get advice from vwin滚球Business Know-How's Crime & Security columnist Paul Davis.

Are You Prepared for a Chemical Attack?

If there were a chemical attack or industrial accident in your area,would you be prepared to remain indoors until the threat was over?Both your home and your office should have a designated area with adequate supplies in case such an event happened.Here's information on how to create a Shelter-In-Place plan so you'll be prepared.

Make Your Security Measures Less Bothersome

Even in this age of global terrorism and increasing violent crime,employees and the general public don't like to be inconvenienced.So what can a small business person do to "sell" security?Here are a few ideas >>

Identity Theft Costs Businesses Billions

When you hear about identity theft,you probably think of the person who has to spend many months trying to clear up his credit report.But the ramifications of identity theft go much further than that individual.They cost businesses and banks billions each year - not just in merchandise that will never be paid for,but also in lost trust and bad publicity.Read more >>

Burglary: The Silent Crime

Home and small businesses are common targets for opportunistic burglars and thieves.But there are a few simple things you can do to make your business less appealing to those who would seek to victimize you.Read more >>

How to Spot Suspicious Mail and Packages

Opening your mail might seem like a mundane task,but in today's world,even that requires a bit of caution.Here's advice on how to identify and handle mail or packages that could hold dangerous contents.

Prevent Crime with a Business Watch

As every law enforcement and security professional will tell you,you have a better chance of not becoming a crime victim if you are in a group.Certainly this idea works if you are walking down a street in a group,but what about the small and home business entrepreneur?For those of you who work at home or in small business establishments,there is the "Business Watch."Read more >>

Armed Robbers Target Small & Home Business People

Small and home businesses,unfortunately,are often the target of thieves and scam artists.In this new column,Paul Davis,a seasoned crime reporter and columnist,will cover crime news and issues and offer crime prevention tips to help you protect yourself.Read the first installation ofPaul Davis on Crime & Securityhere >>

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