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Tired of competing with cell phones and computers for the attention of the people you're trying to talk to?以下是打破数字干扰的八个技巧。

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Ever conducted a meeting only to find yourself looking at the tops of digitally distracted heads?

Have you ever used your device or checked it for messages while another person spoke?

数字干扰已经成为新的工作场所的常态。Having 24/7 access to emails,texts,calls and calls are considered a competitive advantage in the business world.虽然实时通信是有益的,设备对领导者保持和扩大对客户的影响构成了挑战,colleagues and employees.许多客户都担心技术上的分散会使他们很难吸引团队的注意力。他们还担心数字通信的过度使用会造成效率低下,因为它缺乏其他通信方法所提供的清晰度。与我共事的领导者认识到,当其他人分心太多而无法接受他们必须要说的话时,增加影响力的挑战。

Surveys indicate2 out of 3 people don't know how阻止其他人使用不敏感的技术。有八种方法可以让领导者摆脱数字干扰,利用它来提高员工的影响力,教员工如何与技术脱节,如何插入重要的对话。


Few things are as challenging to communication than the ongoing distractions of phone alerts,chirps and calls.  Studies have shown people who switch back and forth between tasks,such as listening and texting,can效率和精度损失高达50%.他们以准确和清晰的方式关注所说内容的能力受到挑战。为了在会议上解决这个问题,考虑创建一个无电话区域。请求电话落在后面,silenced or turned off entirely throughout meetings.Ask everyone to keep phones out of site so undivided attention can be respectfully given to the speaker or topic of discussion.

2。挂断电子邮件。Pick up the Phone.

专业人士过于依赖电子邮件而无法成为他们的沟通渠道。电子邮件的来回对话可能很费时,而且会造成比清晰更混乱的局面。他们缺乏听者理解所说真话所需的语调。当一个简单的电话呼叫可以做到的时候,挑战你自己和员工不要发电子邮件。Implement a rule of thumb that if an email is going to require three or more exchanges to clarify a question or message,拿起电话。


Few things signal a lack of respect as a listener taking a phone call while someone is talking.No matter if you're in a meeting or a simple hallway conversation,在另一次谈话中打电话是不允许的。Silence incoming calls while others are talking.Refrain from interrupting to take a call or send a text.如果你在等一个重要的电话,preface the information at the beginning of the conversation so expectations are respectfully set.

4。Out of Sight.Out of Mind.

When conducting one-on-ones,主持客户午餐或指导员工,不要让你的手机在视线内。仅仅一部手机的存在就产生了一种对干扰和分心的潜意识期望。它可以阻止你和你的听众真正深入地交流,meaningful manner.研究表明其意义和depth of conversation increases substantially当智能手机看不见的时候。把手机放在看不见的地方,每个人都可以专注于谈话,verbal and non-verbal messages.

5. Text to Thank,Not to Talk.

很少有事情比短信更难理解,也更容易误解。No matter how many emojis are used,text is absent of tone and vocal inflections while littered with acronyms and shorthand not everyone understands.而不是通过短信与某人交谈,pick up the phone and call.五分钟的对话可以节省无数的时间来来回回地窃取短信。If you want to increase your influence with text messaging,仅用于会议和预约确认或感谢某人的时间。


有了如此多的数字通信选项,难怪我们比传统的连接方式更依赖于它们。如果一个领导者想要真正扩大他们的影响力并赢得员工的信任,it's better to disconnect from devices and connect face-to-face.Get out of the office and visit employees in their workspace.Get to know your team by learning their preferred methods of communication.了解个人员工喜欢被认可的方式,并据此行事。

7.Be the Exception,Not the Rule.

In a world where everyone is using digital devices,作为例外,不是规则。Rely on your digital devices only for research,报告和快速任务。说到谈话,leave the device at the door.相反,use face-to-face conversations to engage with others.Utilize your active listening skills to better connect with others.Communication skills such as eye contact,posture and body language can help you gain trust from others,建立信誉,使真正的数字设备不能连接。


如果一个领导者想要改善整个团队的沟通,they must lead by example.“语气来自高层”的概念听起来是真的。如果领导者希望他们的员工互动更有意义,他们必须先把这些规则合并起来。When leaders choose face-to-face communication over digital methods,employees recognize the value their leader has on personalized connections.当领导者通过确保设备不会造成干扰来尊重他人的时间时,employees will do the same.如果领导者在与他人沟通时运用积极的倾听技巧,员工也会。

Are you ready to stop digital distractions and make a real connection?Begin by implementing these eight ideas into your workday.鼓励员工也这样做。建立工作场所的基本规则,并开始挑战您的团队,通过从设备上拔下插头来相互连接。

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